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Corporate Policy

Derbigum Corporate Policy is based on the Triangle of Excellence.


triangle of excellence


High Performance Products

DERBIGUM membranes are a complex blend of atactic polypropylene and selected bitumen, with strategically positioned reinforcements of polyester and fibreglass to provide tough, pliable membranes.

These membranes will accommodate normal movement and provide a homogeneous watertight seal over the entire waterproofed area.

DERBIGUM Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. produces a wide range of dual and single reinforced products to suit situations for our specific climatic conditions.

Quality Contracting

Workmanship of the highest possible standard is achieved through our policy of having the products installed by Approved Derbigum Contractors (ADC’s), all of whom are trained and experienced and whose main business is waterproofing. These Contractors have been selected by Derbigum for their wealth of experience and standing in the Waterproofing Industry.

Correct Design and Specification

Design of the waterproofing system and careful detailing remain the most important factors in ensuring
a watertight structure. It is too often our experience that the waterproofing design is considered
at too late a stage in the project, resulting in using a "best possible" solution to an existing problem.

Derbigum makes every attempt to have the design detail optimized at the earliest possible stage.